Sofa, speaker, sound piece 31 min
66 × 180 × 88 cm

Mirage painting, acrylic on cotton
290 × 280 cm

Sound piece in collaboration with
Florian Pfaffenberger

I was on an island. There I saw the highest waves, corals and pictures of sand. I saw how money flows onto the island and then immediately drains away, washes away, is literally washed away. Did the money ever enter into a local economy in that country? The transport system does reach the island, but the packages are not yellow. There was a plastic bracelet hanging from my wrist, and plastic bracelets hanging from all wrists. Plates and glasses were filled to a high percentage. And everybody trampled on everything and everything trampled on everybody. The whole situation was locked-in, locked in today’s colonialism. I heard an old song, someone counting banknotes and the creaking squeaking of a rowboat. Then I saw a mirage and went straight for it.

Vienna 2018